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Becoming a Better Citizen of the Earth


The term Citizen of the Earth may sound a bit too vague, so I will try to explain it first. What I believe is that in order for life to continue on this planet, we need to pay more attention to preserving its species, especially those that are in danger. As someone who wants to become a better Citizen of the Earth, I strongly believe that this is the first amendment, and that at least something I want to do for as much and as long as possible.

There are many things one can do to become a better Citizen of the Earth, and I am striving to live my life according to the principles that derive from them. For instance, I am trying to minimize my waste and the consumption of energy. It is not only to save money on my monthly bills, but also because I believe that each person can bring their important contribution by doing something, even the smallest thing, every day.


What I want to talk about in my blog is how to protect habitats against invasive species, through traditional methods like hunting and fishing. Invasive species are a threat for biodiversity, because they practically take over the habitats of species that have been in their natural environment for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Here are some of the invasive fish species in the US – Asian carp and Snakeheads

invasive carp invasive snakehead

Invasive species do a lot of harm, besides what can be seen at first glance. They can pollute the water, spread diseases and poison the earth. As a Citizen of the Earth, I believe it is my duty to do something about this. As global warming is affecting our planet more and more, dealing with invasive species will become mandatory. However, using methods that affect the habitat of native species is not a good idea. That is why hunting and fishing still remain the best ways of removing the invasive species from these habitats and reducing their impact.

A short video about the Asian carp problem:

The figures are quite scary. 50,000 non-native species are currently residing in the US, although not all of them are invasive. The damages caused by these invasive species cost our economy over 120 billion dollars each year. There is something anyone can do, in order to stop this silent invasion. We can all use our skills as hunters and fishers and reduce the number of specimens trying to take over the land, the water and the natural habitat of the old inhabitants of this world.

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