Bowfishing for Carp – The Essentials: Fishing Glasses

As I intend to do my part in sustaining the native biodiversity, I recently took on bowfishing for carp. Because this kind of fishing is actually a crossover between hunting and fishing, it means that one must have good aim when trying to aim for fish.bowfishing

But why do I take on bowfishing for carp? First of all, carp is a noxious species that causes a lot of damage in the US. They cause damage to vegetation, they take up space from native species and they contribute to the degradation of water quality. All these are reasons enough to hunt for carp and make sure to limit the damage this species causes in our waters.

Here’s short preview of how large these things can get:


Bowfishing is a recommended method for fishing for such species. If I used the common fishing equipment, I would risk catching other species that are native to our waters, and therefore, deny the purpose for which I hunt carp. So, I prefer bowfishing, since this way, I know that what I am doing is really fishing carp and not some other fish.


Still, as I mentioned a bit earlier, I have to have good aim if I really want to be successful in my bowfishing trips for carp. A pair of fishing glasses, and one that is really reliable should be on my list, I decided as soon as I thought about bowfishing. One way to identify carp in the water is to make sure that you are not mistaking the glare spread on the water by the rays of sun with the movement of fish. So a good pair of fishing glasses should be one capable of reducing glare.

fishing glasses

As I have read some articles on the best fishing glasses and what makes a good pair what it is, I understood that polarized glasses are the answer. They are capable of reducing the quantity of light that reaches your retina, so you can see clearly when you are bowfishing, for instance. Of course, one should not forget when shopping for a pair of glasses that a good fit is hard to beat. Since I have quite a particular face shape, I need to make sure that the glasses I intend to purchase are really a good choice for me. I will continue to search for a pair of good fishing glasses and I will let you know when I found a good model. I really hope that will improve my bowfishing skills, so I can get rid of more carp.

Why I adore lightweight fishing gear

Most fishermen will go for heavier fishing gear than the one they actually need, for reasons of safety and because they can put heavier lines on a stronger rod. Though I used to share in this idea, as I experienced with various rods and reels, I understood that ultra-light and light equipment is a top choice for many fishing situations and should not be ignored. In fishing terms, when you say ultra-light or light you are referring to the power of your rod, which will indicate how easily the blank will bend when a pressure is applied to it. The lighter the gear, the easier it will bend.


It is true, you can’t tackle large fish species with it, but lightweight gear comes with a couple of advantages no other gear comes with. The first one is that it is, obviously, easy to handle and maneuver, even for less experienced anglers. As such, a beginner could start training in the art of fishing using this type, before going to a heavier category. That is not to say a skilled fisherman could not benefit from using one, as fishing with lighter equipment is a good exercise. Maneuvering a lighter rod demand more attention from the handler, as the line may break if you reel it in sloppily or at a fast rate.


Another plus that comes with using light equipment is that it offers you a complete and more rewarding fishing experience. A lighter rod will force you to find ways through which you keep the fish hooked, while it struggles to go back into the water. You won’t be able to just reel it in, because the line may not handle all that pressure and break, so you’ll have to master techniques to fight a fish, which is extremely useful, especially for bass.


Talking about bass fishing, an ultra-light rod is exceptional to use with smaller lures, which bass is very fond of. As such, it will give you more chances at catching one if you’re an amateur bass fisherman. In addition, a UL rod will be more sensitive than any other rod, especially if teamed up with the proper lines, so if something’s biting, you will sense it immediately.


Personally, I’ve learnt much more about fishing with light equipment than with any other equipment category, as it made me pay attention, have patience and handling my rod with precision and security. Honestly, I believe that’s why I rarely come back from a fishing trip empty-handed.