Citizen of the Earth

A Citizen of the Earth can mean many things and that is precisely why I chose this term for my blog. To be a better citizen of the Earth means taking care of the surroundings you live in and understanding them from a global perspective. More than that, it means you need participating in improving life conditions by quitting on all activities that may pose a threat not only for the people around you, but for other species as well. Furthermore, a good citizen should understand that nature has its own course and laws that we should not aim to change, because their rhythm has been established in millions of years of evolution. When we do intervene, things start getting worse. I believe this is the only way to preserve this beautiful planet as we know it and to show gratitude for the welcoming conditions it has provided for us. Therefore, this blog will aim to let people know how our planet is evolving and how they can be better and kinder to the planet. One of the main topics I would love to approach is invasive species and what we can do to stop the disastrous changes they bring in the habitats they populate.