Things you can do to have a less polluting lifestyle

You and I are citizens of the earth. Mother Nature nurtures us and provides our needs. There is no better way to give back to her than to live more productively while polluting less. There are many ways of living a less polluting lifestyle but I believe the following are the most essential.


Educate yourself and share what you know


There is a lot of literature on various topics about environmental pollution. All it takes is to devote a significant amount of time reading and studying what is written on the subject. You can search for the effects of water pollution in the environment, which will somehow enable you to recognize the huge importance of one of our most precious resources. Life cannot exist without water. Unfortunately, at the rate we are going, our water resources are now at a huge risk of pollution. Learn about the water pollutants and their effects on the environment.

earth3You can also learn about different pollution facts. This can give you pollution awareness that will ultimately save lives. Once you have the facts, do not hesitate to share them with the community, even just your lunch group. Learn about the essentials of recycling paper, or discover ways to stop global warming. What you learn from your own research and reading could pave the way for you to become more aware of the everyday things that matter in fighting pollution. Plant more trees.


Do everyday things intelligently or sensibly


Smoking harms you as much as it does the environment. Quit smoking entirely or if you just can’t, dispose of your butts properly. Because they are not only non-biodegradable but also contain very toxic soluble chemicals, cigarette butts should not litter the ground.

Use unleaded gasoline, join a neighborhood or workplace carpool, or drive a hybrid or electric car. Make sure your vehicle is in consistently good running condition to reduce emissions. Whenever possible, reach for the handlebars of your bicycle instead of your car’s steering wheel, especially for short distance trips. Or better yet, walk to your destination when it’s possible.

earth4Practice the 3Rs of solid waste management. Reduce, reuse and recycle. Dispose of waste, particularly plastic or chemicals, in a responsible way. The use of recycled, reclaimed or sustainable building materials is not just cool but also demonstrates your commitment to protecting the environment. Reduce waste in the home by composting kitchen scraps and yard leaves and clippings.

Make use of the free and abundant power of the sun and the wind. Hang laundry to dry. Open a window or wear a sweater instead of reaching for the air conditioner or heater remote. Conserve electricity or gas. Reduce transport fuel for goods by patronizing local goods or foods. This will also help your government a lot. Shop with an eco-friendly bag. Avoid littering.


Plastic is a modern invention that no longer belongs in these times


Buy and use products made with biodegradable materials or that are eco-friendly. Avoid plastic whenever possible. Found in nearly everything these days, plastic is not really recyclable but is only downcycled. This means it can’t be recycled to make the same item but only manufactured into an item of lower quality such as plastic lumber, which can’t also be recycled. The truth is, only a small percentage (less than 10 percent) of all the plastic waste is recovered for recycling. Most ends up in rivers, landfills, beaches and oceans and with the oil component, can be a genuine environmental hazard.