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The most dangerous invasive fish species

First of all, what are invasive (fish) species? An invasive species is a species that is introduced to an ecosystem, other than its original environment and, in time, causes so much damage that it unbalances the ecosystem, giving birth to a series of negative changes that can even jeopardize the existence of that specific habitat.

It can happen in many cases, but here we are talking about invasive fish species. There are a couple of nosey species that are too bored to mind their own business and they cause havoc anywhere they go, hence nobody likes them. What they do to piss off other species (including humans) is eat all the fish and leave none for all the other species that rely on the same food. Consequently, a lot of fish and plants die. Here are a few of the most invasive species out there.


  1.       Carp

asian_carpThe invasiveness of the Carp is globally known. This common fish is able to destroy even the most balanced ecosystems with its erratic behavior. For other fish, the carp is like having a new roommate: completely wrecks your space organization and destroys everything in his path. Apparently, the carp is able to stir mud in water, as it looks for food near the roots of plants, turning the water unclear and dirty, which has a negative effect on many species of plants and fish. Though many campaigns have been undertaken to stop the carp from invading and destroying aquatic ecosystems, until now, all of them have failed.


  1.       Northern Snakehead

northernSnakeheadThis particular fish has two main characteristics that make it so dangerous to many ecosystems: it multiplies fast and it can survive several days on dry land, which makes it a danger for both environment, being able to spread diseases and harmful bacteria on water and dry land altogether. Of course, they are also endowed with great appetite.


  1.       Mosquito fish

mosquitofishThis small and innocent looking swimming creature is able to ruin a nice environment like no other fish. It is true, you wouldn’t say that, given the fact that they have a 4 to 7 cm length, but they compensate their small size with eating double their body weight. They can eat up to 167% of their body weight daily. However, in this particular case, people had it coming. The mosquito fish is known to feed with mosquito larvae (hence the name) and some people decided to populate ecosystems with this species in order to exterminate mosquitos. It didn’t go well. Not only the fish did not eradicate mosquitos, but they have shown they can feed with many other species to such an extent they became persona non-grata and nobody likes them anymore.


  1.       Nile Perch

Nile perchAs the name informs us, this fish comes from the sacred Egyptian river, but it changed continent when it was brought from Ethiopia to populate Lake Victoria at the end of the 1950’s. As it can reach extremely large dimensions at maturity, feeding on basically every living creature that gets in their way, these fish have massively destroyed Lake Victoria’s ecosystem, leading to affecting nearby ecosystems as well and at a massive economic exploitation of the area for fishing purposes by major companies. Their destruction capabilities are increased due to the fact that females can lay 21 million eggs at once, so there’s hardly a chance to just fish them all.


  1.       Lionfish

lionfishThis species of fish possesses one physical trait that makes them fearful predators: their numerous venomous spikes and the ability to eat a lot. As they are hard to attack, due to their physical attributes, they can spread peacefully while killing other species and destroying habitats. According to environmental agencies, it is highly unlikely that the invasion of the lionfish is stopped at this moment.

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